My Services


I believe executive coaching is for everyone who needs to get stuff done through working with others. I take a broad view of what constitutes a working life; it maybe that you work in an office environment with a traditional structure, you may be self employed, or you may be the adult at home keeping everything going.  Whoever you are, if you find you are held back by an issue that you can't seem to resolve, coaching can help you find the way through.

We will work in depth, and at your own pace, building a robust and confident working relationship together.  We can establish the right balance of challenge and support, so that you can deliver your best with a feeling of ease and engagement.

I use a range of creative coaching approaches, based on tried and tested approaches and sound coaching principles that will help you get to the heart of the work and release your own professional creativity.

Every coaching intervention is unique, but the following will give you an understanding of my usual approach:

  • A short introductory meeting  This is to understand your context and goals and we will discuss the coaching process and terms of confidentiality. This meeting provides an important ‘chemistry check’ so that we can both ensure a strong relationship will develop.

  • Defining your objective  This will encompass both short term goals and longer term aspirations. If the coaching is sponsored by your work place your manager can be included in a three way meeting at the outset and on completion of coaching.

  • Structure This is flexible and will be determined by your agenda and needs, but is often 5-7 sessions lasting two hours, spaced 2-6 weeks apart.

  • Constant evaluation This is to ensure that we are producing realistic and effective strategies for action, so that you can sustain change long after your coaching has finished.

  • Ongoing support  We can stay in touch via text/email/whatsapp etc throughout your coaching journey. We will discuss this at the outset of our work together and we can refine it as the work continues