Between The Lines

a creative approach to executive coaching

About Between the Lines

Between the Lines is a coaching approach that encourages you to explore the issues you are facing in more depth, so that the goals you pursue and the ways you pursue them are relevant. Sometimes the solutions we come up with when we want to move forward seem logical, but they don't give us the energy and willpower to keep going. Our creative approach helps you understand what is really happening, so you can find a way forward that is engaging and practical.



I coach individuals who want to get more out of their working life. Perhaps you would like to improve your  performance in a specific area, or you are looking for a new approach to an external challenge. Maybe you want to reconnect to your purpose and enthusiasm. 

If you are a business executive we will work together to help you identify and achieve your goals, with agreed input from the relevant sponsors within your business. Our work will include those goals that serve the strategic imperatives of your organisation as well as those that have a more individual impetus.  

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